Prepare to be inspired on the next episode of “Inspiring Nations with Sonja Keeve” as we welcome the incredible Sonya Joy Mack to our show! Sonya is no ordinary guest; she’s an accomplished Author, Founder, and Lead Life Coach at The LIVE JOY LIFE.

In this captivating episode, Sonya Mack shares her profound insights and journey in empowering women through the transformative power of community, mindset, and the LIVE JOY principles. Join us as we dive into the heart of her debut book, “This Changes Everything: When Death No Longer Has the Final Say.” This remarkable true story is a beacon of hope, laced with humor and healing, offering solace and encouragement to those who have experienced grief and loss. Sonya’s message is clear: it’s possible to follow your God-given dreams and live in the joy that God intended.

Together with our host, Sonja Keeve, Sonya Mack explores the art of reclaiming joy. Discover how to turn your pain into a purposeful force for good, and learn actionable steps to unlock the joy that resides within you. This episode is a masterclass in resilience, faith, and personal growth.

Don’t miss this uplifting and empowering conversation that promises to leave you with renewed hope and a deeper understanding of how to embrace the joyous life you deserve. Tune in to “Inspiring Nations” for an unforgettable episode that will inspire you to Reclaim Your Joy! Subscribe now and be part of a global community on a mission to spread positivity and encouragement to the world.


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