Welcome to another amazing episode of  “Inspiring Nations”! I am honored to be in conversation with the visionary author Lynette Bradshaw, alongside her co-authors Kimberlie Norris, Alana Stone Watkins, and Traci Demus-Gamble. Together, they’ve crafted the eagerly awaited masterpiece, “Dear Me, I See You” – a collaborative collection of intimate letters from women’s hearts to the cherished little girl within.

Tune in as we delve into the profound essence of this remarkable anthology. The letters within are a tapestry of courage, strength, and empowerment, as these remarkable women share their heartfelt messages. Through their narratives, we’re invited to reclaim our narratives, reignite the connection with our hearts, and conquer the challenges that have shaped us.

Join us as we unravel the stories behind the chapters, as revealed by Kimberlie, Alana, and Traci. Discover their motivations for embracing this transformative project, and hear firsthand the reasons they championed their respective chapters.

And of course, the visionary herself, Lynette Bradshaw, joins the conversation to share the genesis of this anthology. Uncover her inspiration, the driving force behind bringing these narratives to light, and why she believes the world is in dire need of these tales of triumph.

Tune in to “Inspiring Nations with Sonja Keeve Podcast Show” for a moving exploration of resilience, connection, and the profound power of shared stories.

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