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“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams”

– Oprah Winfrey

Build collaborations and tap into a global audience

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Sistas with a Voice Podcast Network

I take people from a place of confusion and overwhelm (where they have big dreams but no idea of the clarity necessary to make it happen) to a platform that helps them create a lucrative income stream through podcasting. I teach them how to build it, monetize it and launch it. And when people come to me, the customer journey progresses from one of confusion and excitement to one that provides clear steps to fully launch that Podcast.

I also want to dispel some common myths about Podcasting:
1. It is too complicated.
2, It is too expensive.
3. You need loads of equipment.

You see – these myths have kept people from launching, and today I am here to let you know that they are all FALSE!

So now that I have dealt with some of the myths and the issues that have kept you stuck in your dream, let’s get on a call so I can answer any questions from you and lay out your path! That call will be the first step to realizing your dream!

Our Happy Clients
“As an Educator, Multi-Best Selling Author, Leadership Strategist and The Content Innovator, I knew that God instructed me to create The Authentic Conversations with Coach Rebecca. In the Spring of 2020, which was in the midst of a global pandemic, I enrolled in Coach Sonja Keeve’s Create your Podcast in 30 Days Course.

The course was enlightening and interactive. Specifically, Coach Sonja provided me with a step by step strategy on how to narrow my niche, know the purpose of the show, equipment that I needed for the show, as well as create content for the course, Additionally, Coach Sonja provided suggestions on how to monetize my show.

The icing on the cake was that Coach Sonja provided me with the equipment to launch the course.

Thank you so much.”

– Coach Rebecca D.
“I have always wanted to start a podcast but I didn’t know where to start. I was referred to Sonja and decided to enroll in her course. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The class was phenomenal and Sonja is an excellent instructor. She is very knowledgeable about the world of podcasting. I learned so much and was able to launch launched my Redefining Education Podcast with minimal investment.

Thank you!”

– Sheri Jefferson
“You indeed over delivered with this training and served me well. I got clarity, tool, and skills to do this thing right. You are the Podcast Guru – “Podcast Whisper”! You are a rock star! I appreciate you!”

– Sintrel Dass
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Inside this 4 week program you will get:

1:1 Coaching

How to create your content

What equipment to use

How to engineer your own show

How to monetize your podcast

How to book guests

How to launch your show

Live teaching sessions (replays are available)

And so much more ...

Sonja Keeve

As a wife, mother, mentor and leader in her community, her passion lies in helping emerging career professional women to turn their passion projects into a thriving business to generate secondary income for their households. Sonja is the CEO of Sistas with a Voice Podcast Network, where she helps women entrepreneurs get unstuck from thinking about a podcast, to Building, Launching & Monetizing a Podcast in 30 days! As the Executive Director and Host of 2 Podcast Shows, Begin Again and Inspiring Nations, an international podcast show heard in over 164+ countries, she interviews women from across the globe that have stories of how they inspire others every day!
If you are interested in learning more about her podcast courses or to would like to be a guest on her show, you can reach Sonja Keeve at SKEMPOWERS@GMAIL.COM

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