On the surface, Tyreese R. McAllister is a therapist, helping people through tough times, but what she really does is disrupt negative, maladaptive patterns of behaviors and thoughts that disrupt their lives and she teaches individuals to live radically resilient lifestyles despite life challenges.  She does this through her career, her ministry, her books, and her life.  She has over 25 years’ experience in the fields of emergency mental health helping individuals experiencing both crisis and traumatic events.  Tyreese is a doctoral candidate at the University Arizona pursing a Psy.D.with a concentration in Criminology and Justice, with anticipated completion date of 2022. 

As the co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Mrs. McAllister is committed to helping people overcome tragedy and crisis and transition to “Radically Resilient Overcomers” who live their best life, fulfilling their life purpose.  

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